Jul 2, 2013

I love summer

Hello my lovely readers 

Every Finn must understand my love for summer - the only time you can actually enjoy being outside. I love summer nights and the sun and the heat and everything about it.  I've also made sure to get everything out of it haha.

So here are some pictures of my summer so far!

 The last ones are from midsummer which I celebrated with my dear friend Art.. you can see that we sure had fun :D

That's all I have for now, hopefully I'll be able to return soon with some more style-related stuff etc!

♥, Laura

Jun 18, 2013

Dear lord when I get to heaven please let me bring my man

Hello lovelies!

I have excellent news - I got a camera! Olympus Pen mini e-pm1 in white.

 Here's some random pictures from the past week.

 My love, Pepsi Max <3

And then, last Sunday was Lana Del Rey's concert 
 This is what I looked like.

..or what I looked like in the morning, my hair got totally ruined when we were waiting hours in the rain..

I look like I was high but really I was just tired..

The concert itself was absolutely amazing, I was crying the whole time. Definitely worth the wait!
Love you Lana, hopefully you will be back soon 

That's all for now, I'm quite sure that I'll be back soon now that I have a new camera!

PS. Look who came to say hi to the camera 

May 29, 2013

summery mint green


Only one exam left and it's finally summer! It has been so warm already that I'm more than ready for the vacation.

This outfit is quite old but I just got the pictures so wanted to post it here anyway!

Sorry no pictures with my face because all the ones that had it in them were just awful..

Wellwell, see you soon and enjoy your vacations!